Art Of Tea’s Blends Turn Tea Time Into Treat Time

When it comes to organic tea, it’s hard to beat Art of Tea. The Los Angeles-based tea importer and wholesaler blends and makes teas and botanicals from around the world, with tea selected directly from growers in places like India and Asia, and brought to you in the brand’s trademark round metal canisters.

Right now, with rainy days and chilly nights in L.A., I’m all about Art of Tea’s Dessert Tea Collection, with brews inspired by the sweetest part of any meal.

The Dark Chocolate Peppermint Tea is a little sweet, a touch minty and rich (but not overpowering) with chocolate. “Borderline decadent” is how one reviewer describes it. The tea is visually stunning, too, with organic cacao nibs and peppermint mixed in with bright organic pink peppercorns.

Crème Brûlée is a popular caffeine-free rooibos blend with just enough spearmint and peppermint to end your day with focus. The other night, we brewed up a batch after dinner with friends by the fire, and it brought out the citrus and warmth of the Italian lemon cake our friend Candice baked for us.

Another rooibos blend, the Caramelized Pear blends honeybush, organic apple and, marigold flowers for an homage to the classic after-dinner fruit dish. There’s a smoldering quality that brings winter nights to mind, and it’s quickly becoming my go-to after stressful days juggling deadlines.

Velvet goes down like the name suggests. This one combines ground chocolate with honeybush, apple, and organic cacao nibs for a low-caffeine high that’s the number one pick of my wife, a pro pastry chef and chocolatier. Rich yet light and 100 percent delight.

If you want something with some zest, the Lemon Meringue Tea does the trick. Green rooibos, orange peel, organic rose petals and cornflowers—it’s citrus and creamy, and good any time of the day.

Art of Tea’s Dessert Tea Sampler Pack is a great introduction to the collection. Each blend is packed in a small black tin that brews approximately 5-7 servings, along with a box filter bags. Flavors include Aztec Spice, Caramelized Pear, Vanilla Berry Truffle, and Velvet.

For details or to order, check out the Dessert Collection at Art of Tea.


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